15 Reasons To Upgrade To Organic Skin Care Products

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Many of us want to know, why should we use organic skincare products and are they worth it?

When it comes to regular skincare, choosing the right products for your skin can be a minefield with so many to choose from. Hopefully, we can help narrow that down for you today as we look into the true benefits of upgrading to organic and all-natural skin care products.

So, without further ado, here are 15 great reasons:

  • Minimal or zero toxins – Some of the ingredients found in non-organic products contain harmful toxins that can negatively affect the PH level of the skin, your hormones, and cell repair. Organic skin care products are usually rich in natural antioxidants and free from damaging toxins.
  • Improves skin tone and texture – Organic and natural skin care products are made from ingredients that compliment your own natural systems, rather than potentially disturbing them as some non-organic products do. This leaves the skin smooth and nurtured, with a healthy complexion.
  • Decreases signs of aging – When used regularly, some of the ingredients found in non-organic products can cause stress on your skin cells, which increases the signs of aging. Organic skin care products work with your natural age defense system to keep the skin looking and feeling healthy and youthful.
  • Better for the environment – When you purchase organic skin care products you will also know that you are doing something to help the environment. Since they are organic, during production they do not use harsh chemicals and pesticides which have been shown to cause damage to the soil and wildlife.
  • Non-organic products contain harmful chemicals – Our bodies are like biochemical machines. Everything we see, hear, touch, eat, and put on our skin causes chemical reactions. In fact, we have billions of chemical reactions on our body every second! That’s why it’s a no brainer to use natural skin care products that will not disrupt our chemical reaction processes, but rather aid them.

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  • Non-allergenic – One of the most popular reasons for people turning to organic skin care products and makeup is because it does not cause allergic reactions like many non-organic products. So, you can rest assured they can be used long-term without triggering any uncomfortable flare ups.
  • Made from natural ingredients – Many people say, ‘if you wouldn’t eat it, don’t put it on your skin’. That’s because it gives the body a lot of work to do if we eat, drink or put products on our skin that are not made from natural ingredients. If we do it regularly, the body will find it harder and harder to detoxify as time goes on. Organic skin care products are made from natural ingredients that are fine for your body to metabolize into the system without side effects.
  • They work better – Due to their natural ingredients, your body can work with organic skin care products far better. Your skin can thrive from the natural ingredients which act like supplements and are better for your skin long-term. For those with sensitive skin or recurring skin conditions, it’s advisable to stick to as natural products as possible to minimize the occurrence and boost the overall health of the cells.
  • They contain active ingredients – Natural skin care products and topic creams such as D-Lenolate olive leaf extract contains active ingredients which give antibacterial and antifungal benefits, as well as nourishing the skin. If you suffer from scarring or skin conditions such as eczema, dry skin, psoriasis and skin infections, you may want to stick to these all-natural options.
  • It’s more ethical – if you delve right into some of the individual ingredients in non-organic skincare products, you may not agree with how they are produced. Furthermore, some of the ingredients may be purposefully listed under confusing names to make it harder to understand what’s in it. Organic skincare brands tend to take pride in ethically sourced ingredients and do not need to cleverly name them in the ingredients. What you see is generally what you get.
  • Nutritional benefits – Many vitamins and minerals are very well absorbed through the skin. By eating healthily and using natural skin care products, topical creams or oils, you can deliver essential nutrients to your body from the inside and the outside.
  • Peace of mind – When you purchase organic and natural skin care products, you have peace of mind  that you are making the best choice for your body. Your wellbeing is a key factor behind every aspect of a being able to live life to the full. With top quality products, you can leave your skin care troubles behind you and feel good about your reflection.
  • Organic products are cruelty free – Another of the most popular reasons for people upgrading their skin care to natural and organic products is that they are cruelty free. As we collectively become more conscious of all living things, it’s natural that we can’t turn a blind eye to animal cruelty while testing skin care products.
  • Natural preservatives – Although organic products may not have a long shelf life compared to non-organic, the benefits are worth it. Most non-organic products contain harmful parabens. These artificial preservatives have been known to cause side effects including skin irritation, blisters, rashes, inflammation and burning sensations.

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  • Absorb goodness – The skin absorbs up to 60% of the products you use on it. Synthetic compounds found in non-organic products are not good for the skin to absorb regularly. Upgrading to organic skin care products means that your body can absorb more goodness, repair more effectively and benefit from the power of the ingredients.

As you can see, there are some astonishing benefits of upgrading to organic and natural skin care products. Organic skincare may be a little more costly than non-organic, but the small investment is well worth it when you consider what they can do for you and the care that goes in to making them.

We hope you feel inspired to go natural and share this information with someone who could benefit from it too.