Let’s Talk About Sleep Apnea

Let’s Talk About Sleep Apnea
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Everyone wants to sleep well and peacefully after a long, stressful day to restore their energy for the next. For many who have sleep apnea, this comforting and peaceful rest turns into a pipe dream. A sleeping disorder called sleep apnea is caused by a decrease in breathing while you’re asleep. Although an episode of sleep apnea only lasts for 10 to 15 seconds, it is caused by the constriction of breathing airways, which results in a drop in blood oxygen levels and causes the heart to work harder. This might happen several times during the course of the night, leaving the person exhausted and agitated from not getting enough rest. It has psychological effects on general well-being in addition to having an impact on the quality of breathing. It’s crucial to promptly see a ENT Doctor London and not ignore any symptoms. In this blog post we will talk about how sleep apnea has personal and social consequences on patient life.

Badly Impacts Work Life:

Due to the fact that sleep apnea makes working people feel sluggish, lethargic, and exhausted during the day, as well as lowering their cognitive function and capacity to perform better, these individuals suffer greatly in the workplace. Undiagnosed sleep apnea sufferers are at a greater risk of experiencing forced job loss and impaired productivity at work.

Anxiety And Depression:

The brain does not receive enough rest and is frequently irritated as a result of inadequate sleep. People who have sleep apnea are far more likely to experience anxiety and sadness. Their mental health is affected by a lack of social support and a poor quality of life, which causes them to experience stress, anxiety, and depression. If these conditions are not treated, they might develop severe psychological issues.

Decreased Memory And Cognitive Function:

People who suffer sleep apnea are more likely to experience short-term forgetfulness for events and reduced cognitive performance. As a result, individuals have experienced significant memory loss, which slows down their ability to concentrate and comprehend.

Increased Risk Of Road Traffic Accident:

Patients with sleep apnea have a higher than average chance of being involved in car accidents. They feel drowsy and lightheaded all day long from not getting enough sleep, which increases their risk of a car accident since they can’t regulate their drowsiness therefore can’t focus.

Socioeconomic Burden:

Serious issues including heart problems, diabetes, and obesity can be avoided if sleep apnea is recognised sooner. However, most patients seek out ENT services after their problem has gotten really out of hand. This raised the financial burden on the patient and family in terms of medical expenses, prescription expenditures, and hospital stays.

If you feel like your sleep is disturbed due to irregular and obstructed breathing at night feel free to reach out to ENT CLINIC LONDON to get early diagnosis and efficient treatment.