The Importance Of Getting An Ultrasound

The Importance Of Getting An Ultrasound
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A Private Ultrasound Scan London is a non-invasive and reliable imaging technology that gives doctors an insight about what’s happening inside their patient’s body. With ongoing improvements in technology, it becomes faster for a Private Clinic London to perform evaluations and make a diagnosis.

Here Are Reasons You Should Get A Private Ultrasound Scan London:

Better Visualisation- with current ultrasound technology, it is easier and more accurate to visualise soft tissues, like muscles and organs. Sound waves behave differently when interacting with tissues of different densities. A portion of the sound waves are reflected depending on the density, which allows the ultrasound machine to create a good image. It is easier to detect tumours and any abnormality inside our body.  X-rays work better for hard tissues like bones, but it is less reliable when producing images for soft tissues.

Safer- ultrasound imaging uses sound waves to visualise tissues inside our body. It emits no radiation, unlike X-ray and CT imaging. Repeated ultrasound examinations are safer and won’t expose your body to accumulated radiation. After many years of use, there’s no documented evidence of side effects or health risks of high-frequency ultrasound. Ultrasound examinations are so safe that they are used to visualise the foetus inside the womb. Obstetricians can measure the foetal growth to ensure normal development. Gender and possible health issues can be detected early as well.

Non-Invasive And Painless- doctors rub the ultrasound transducer on the skin to get an accurate visualisation. An ultrasound examination can be used to painlessly check thyroid glands inside the neck or the condition of foetus inside the womb without any invasive methods. For more thorough examinations, a gynaecologist may use a transvaginal ultrasound transducer to get more accurate images of ovaries and uterus. In any case, ultrasound examination doesn’t necessitate the breaking of the skin or cause any wounds.

Quick Results- ultrasound examinations are quick to do and typically last less than five minutes. For most extensive examinations, it doesn’t take more than an hour. Compared to other imaging methods, results can be acquired instantly. An ultrasound machine has a monitor that both the doctor and patient can observe together. Quick analysis can be performed immediately and by pushing a few buttons, the image can be captured and printed.

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