Reasons Doctors Like Locum Tenens

Locum Tenens
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Many younger doctors in the past were unaware of the work done by locum doctors, and because of this they were not very eager to explore it as a potential career path. However, nowadays, there are more and more young doctors in the locum medical profession, especially in rural areas.

Current trends show that young people across various professions are less likely to be tied to just one employer throughout their lives. They can strike a good work-life balance, rather than just following the conventional career progression path, like previous generations.

Medicine is no exception, as physician recruiter experts know. How does this affect doctors and how does it affect the entire medical profession, not just medical students?

More Temporary Work Opportunities

More and more hospitals and clinics are staffed by temporary workers, and those working in these areas tend to be overworked and constantly on call. Doctors have an important role in health systems. Through locum tenens, employers have better access to well-trained doctors in the region and doctors receive the support that allows them to retain their positions in the long term. Locum doctors provide breathing space to doctors so that they can avoid becoming burnt out, continue medical training, and enjoy the recreational breaks they deserve.

A Win-Win For Rural Areas

There is evidence that rural communities and places with urgent medical needs have a better chance of attracting doctors who stay for the long term than those with less urgent needs. Therefore, locum tenens is a good option for both sides!

There are many jobs for doctors, and job opportunities can cover small towns to large urban hospitals. Doctors in such areas may be well remunerated by local employers and are usually paid a salary equal to or higher than the median wage in their local area.

Other aspects of locum tenens work that doctors enjoy:

  • Appreciation of how different hospitals and clinics operate
  • Discover renewed vigor and knowledge which you can take with you to your next assignment
  • Doctors can simply seek a job change, and they are valued for their knowledge and ability
  • Local authorities can provide a better – than normal – income so that local doctors can achieve their personal financial goals, whether it be repaying student loans or gaining financial independence.
  • Some doctors who might be nearing retirement enjoy the less demanding environment of locum work particularly attractive, while others prefer to travel.
  • The higher pay is also appealing for doctors who are willing to forego some of their leave for additional income.
  • The location allows new states and even countries to be seen, as well as travel to other parts of the world, such as Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East.

Working as a locum doctor is a good career opportunity both at home and in other parts of the country. By filling multiple locum assignments, you will not only broaden your experience but earn more too. You can also benefit by avoiding on-call time, night work and holiday cover, and even full-time work of that is important for you.