How To Make Your Pot Sessions More Enjoyable

How To Make Your Pot Sessions More Enjoyable

We are living in tough times whereby most people are spending most of their time indoors due to the lockdown that most states have ordered. While it might be taking a toll on many people, perhaps this is the best time to enjoy your 420 sessions and even find new ways to make it all worth it. The good thing is that online weed dispensaries are still very much functional, and they can deliver your favorite strain within a very short time. So how then can you make your pot sessions more enjoyable? Here are a few tips for you;

  1. Hotbox

If you want to enjoy the high effect of the weed you are smoking, try hotboxing. The kind of high you get from hotboxing is magical. You can hotbox in your room or even in your own car and enjoy your own good company. To make it even better, you can play some good music in the background and bust a few moves while smoking your pot.

  1. Try Out a New Strain

You probably have a strain that you enjoy and would choose it over and over again. But have you ever tried a new strain? If not, you definitely should. After using the same strain for a long time, your body may build some resistance towards it, and it may not get you as high as it used to before. Trying out a new strain could be just what you need to heighten your pot sessions.

  1. Invite A Few Friends

There is nothing that beats the experience of smoking pot with your close friends. Getting high together and laughing at some silly stories is very enjoyable. Reach out to your closest friends and ask them if they are up for a smoking session during the weekend. You can prepare for the session by buying different strains and varieties of weed. Also, do not forget to stock up on food. We all know how the hunger pangs can hit so hard after smoking a few puffs. So much so, you can also try hotboxing together with your friends and enjoy getting high together.

  1. Buy Good Quality Weed

The quality of weed you buy plays a very significant role in how good your session will be. You only want to get your hands on good quality weed. While doing your search on finding a weed ‘dispensary near me’ , also seek to find out if the shop sells good quality weed. Online reviews can be particularly helpful when you want to find out the quality of weed the shop sells. Find out what their previous customers are saying about the strains they bought from the shop. If the reviews are good enough, go ahead and make your order.

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Final Words

If you have been looking for ways to heighten your pot sessions, there you have it! Try out the above-mentioned tips, and best believe you will have an unforgettable pot session.

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