Exactly What Is Addiction?

Exactly What Is Addiction?
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Most people out there don’t understand exactly what addiction is. As a result, they don’t really understand how a person could be so focused on using a particular substance like drugs or alcohol without simply just stopping.

Do You Know What Addiction Is?

There is a misconception that, everything can be an addiction which partly is true. However, to understand exactly what addiction is you need to understand how the mind works. When a person is using drugs, the moment they go to drug rehab the very first thing they have to do is actually recognize that they have a problem.

The same thing goes for people who go to alcohol rehab to get rid of the problem. Yes, they might in general tell themselves that drugs are bad or alcohol is bad but their brain doesn’t truly believe that. And this is where the addiction starts.

Understanding Addiction

Basically, the addiction is some sort of a chronic dysfunction of the brain which revolves around the concept of reports of motivation and memories. In other words, the brain actually functions as a dog in training.

If you’re using drugs and alcohol to give yourselves pleasant memories and good feelings in your brain learns that, this is the way you can actually get those pleasurable memories and good feelings. Therefore, it will keep asking for the record which is a drag the alcohol.

How the Brain Works

The moment you stop providing the brain with that, then, the brain is going to throw attention. Much like a dog who’s going to start barking or maybe even become aggressive if you deprive them of their favorite treats, your brain will also become aggressive towards you.

You’re going to start feeling pain, physical pain that will not actually originate somewhere. That will be your brain telling you to simply get the substances or, I will continue to do this to you. But much like a dog, the more you try to train your brain, the more likely you are to be able to stop it from doing it.

This is basically what addiction is and, no, it is not something easy to get rid of. Because we are not talking about an actual dog here. We are talking about your brain and, the brain is really, really difficult to handle and train. Now that you understand what addiction is you can understand how difficult it is to get rid of it.