COVID-19 and Yoga: Know How Our Ancient Practice Becomes An Adjunctive Therapy Against The Deadly Virus

COVID-19 and Yoga: Know How Our Ancient Practice Becomes An Adjunctive Therapy Against The Deadly Virus

As the country battled the second wave of COVID-19, the panic over the risk of infection also doubled. The continuous flow of negative news, social restrictions, unusual routine, scarcity of necessary sources & resources, and vulnerability about the future, all added to the stress and anxiety across our society. At this time, we are all aware of the ways to maintain physical health but what is the status of mental health?

Well, India’s age-old, traditional system to maintain a balanced lifestyle works as a respite in this pandemic. Yoga, which is known to be beneficial in several aspects, is no less than a saviour to deal with these challenging times.

On this International Yoga Day, let’s put the spotlight on how Yoga is beneficial for both our physical and psychological well-being!

How Does Yoga Help?

Our nervous system is sensitive in terms of managing anxiety and increased stress levels, which leads to severe outcomes such as high palpitation, tensed muscles, increased blood pressure, or poor concentration. Yoga is a self-healing technique that helps to calm down these triggers, affecting mental, psychological, and physical well-being.

‘The benefits of yoga are not just limited to stress relief and mental wellness’, say experts at AMRI Hospitals. If one practices yoga on a daily basis, it helps in getting rid of toxins and negative energy, boosts the immune system, and regulates the functioning of all the vital organs in the body. We have a plethora of Yoga exercises to try and each one of them has its own potential benefits. Even some simple stretching poses help reduce the overall tension of muscles and joints reducing long-term anxiety symptoms.

Benefits of Yoga in Everyday Life

For over a year now, our physical activities have been limited drastically. In these unprecedented times, know that Yoga can support you in various effective ways.

Improves Strength, Flexibility, and Balance

Slogging hours on the laptop during this quarantine? Whether you realise it or not, your body adapts to these changes quickly making it prone to various bone and joint illnesses. Switching to Yoga asana may not be easy in the initial phase. You can try slow movements and deep breathing exercises that increase blood flow and warm up muscles while building internal strength in the body.

How Yoga Can Help in the Time of COVID-19 | CorePower Yoga

 Relieves Back Pain

Yoga is sometimes recommended as the first-line of treatment for those suffering from chronic lower back pain. Several yoga exercises, including stretching poses, are known to ease pain and improve mobility in people.

Keep your Heart Health in Control

Yoga is believed to have a positive effect on cardiovascular risk factors as it lowers high blood pressure, maintains cholesterol levels, reduces levels of stress, and body-wide inflammation. It also helps to regulate sugar levels in diabetes patients no matter if they are insulin-dependent or not.

Helps in Quality Sleep

If you constantly engage your mind with negative thoughts, it will eventually affect your sleeping pattern. Often sleepless nights develop all-time fatigue syndrome in people. Here, many Yoga exercises can help you get control over your thoughts, keep you in the right mindset and prepare you for healthy sleep.


Each one of us has felt the brunt of Covid-19 in our lives. Lack of proper sleep, less nutritious diet, leading stressful days makes everyone vulnerable to many illnesses. Today, when access to a gym, trainers, or counsellors seems far-reaching, practicing yoga as a way of living can help us to lead a healthier lifestyle.

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