Hair Transplant Guide

Hair Transplant Guide
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“Male pattern baldness is a very common problem that affects most men in some stage of their lives. Reasons for this might include medications, certain cancers, anabolic steroids, thyroid conditions, & genetics, or dysfunctioning androgens, that cause the hair follicles to shrink, thereby producing shorter and finer hair. While the condition is more common among men, women can also suffer from overall hair thinning and early balding because of mechanical or traction alopecia, high-stress levels, and eating disorders.” Says Dr. Deepesh Goyal who is known for the best hair transplant in Jaipur.

Hair forms a crucial part of a person’s appearance, and such hair loss may affect an individual’s self-worth. Well, a hair transplant is definitely one of the best possible solutions but there are things that you must know before you decide to opt for a hair transplant surgery. In this article, Dr. Audumbar who is one of the best hair transplant surgeon in Navi Mumbai will be discussing the things that will help you to make the right decision.

Expectations From A Hair Transplant Surgery?

The cost of hair transplant surgery is usually high & you should know the expected results to ensure that these are matching with what you are expecting. Following are the things that you can expect from a hair transplant surgery.

  • Hair restoration surgery or hair transplant can improve the way you look and provides your hair with an ideal original look.
  • During a hair transplant, a finite amount of hairs are often planted from donor sites on your body to the affected area.
  • Partial or full baldness or thin hair problems are often solved with the assistance of hair transplants. However, the patients need to understand that the hair fall problem can only be stopped with the assistance of medicines, etc.
  • The surgery can be done at once with the help of motorized FUE Devices, whereas manual transplant may require even more than one appointment depending upon what proportion of hair is to be transplanted. Therefore, in this case, it takes a comparatively extended duration to get the ultimate results of the procedure.

Pros And Cons Of Hair Transplant Surgery?

Every coin has two sides. The same is applicable to hair transplant surgery. While it is considered to b the best & permanent solution for hair loss, we must focus on the cons of this procedure.

Hair Transplant Guide


  • This procedure works well to supply future results for male pattern baldness, hair thinning in women because of hormonal fluctuations, and in cases of scalp injuries.
  • Hair transplantation is more cost-effective compared to medication or other treatments in long term as the whole cost is incurred in one procedure versus a lifetime of treatment.
  • Natural hair growth is the main aim of this procedure, making its effects longlasting which also ensures the real look.
  • In procedures like eyebrow transplants, the results look natural as compared to tattoos or makeup.


  • Infection of the hair follicles, scalp swelling, and itching are the foremost common side effects of the surgery.
  • In some instances, there’s a chance of losing transplanted hair, and this is often mentioned as “shock loss” which is normal as the transplanted hairs will grow back after a few days.
  • There are small chances for hair follicles to die out before the hair regenerates and this often causes bumps on the scalp.
  • The chances of developing wide scars are increased.

Who Should Avoid Undergoing Hair Transplant?Hair Transplant Guide

There is a myth regarding hair transplant that pregnant women can’t go for this surgery. But the procedure is especially concerned with the scalp skin only, & there are no additional risks to pregnant women. So, they can safely undergo a hair transplant.

This procedure is completed under the effect of local anesthesia, so it doesn’t directly interfere with the functioning of the heart, etc. But, there are always risks to the patients having serious heart diseases and they should consult the surgeons before taking the treatment.

Heavy drinkers and smokers also are not allowed to undergo the treatment due to the danger of internal and external bleeding. If they still want to opt for the treatment, they need to abstain from their drinking and smoking habits a minimum of a couple of weeks before the time of the procedure.

Are There Any Post-procedure Scars?

The FUT strip extraction method typically leads to a really narrow linear scar within the back of the head. Since the scar is extremely thin, it is often easily concealed by haircut styles. Over time the scar will fade.

Since FUE procedures involve removing hairs individually from the scalp, there’s no linear scar left behind. However, there’ll be small puncture marks that typically heal within three to seven days.

What Are The Temporary Side-Effects Of Hair Transplant?Hair Transplant Guide

Patients usually experience temporary inflammation and itching in the recipient area after the surgery. The patient shouldn’t worry very much as the inflammation generally goes away within a week in most cases.

Infection and severe bleeding also can occur within the inflamed areas of the scalp. Antibiotic medications or creams are often wont to ease out the pain and reduce the infection.

Another complication might be the swelling of the scalp and therefore the numbness or lack of sensation within the treated area due to the severing of nerves while planting hair follicles. The swelling goes away but the numbness could persist till the nerves recover which can take up to 6 months or even more in some cases.

Sometimes, there’s a risk of temporary loss of transplanted hair (known as shock loss). But, this loss is usually insignificant compared to the quantity of hair transplanted.