All you need to Know about Hair Transplant

All you need to Know about Hair Transplant
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Hair transplants are nothing to be embarrassed about. It is part of a natural process that needs to be taken care of. Before you go on to make a decision, you should start your research and focus on finding the best clinic. Make sure that you are selecting a reputable clinic for hair transplants. You can now get a Hair Transplant in Turkey.

What Do You Need a Hair Transplant?

The need for a hair transplant arises when the hair is thinning or a part of your head is going bald. According to statistics, 50% of women and 60% of men have hair loss problems.

To solve this problem of hair loss, a lot of people get hair transplants. Those also include celebrities, politicians, and other famous people all around the world.

The Procedure of Hair Transplant

The procedure is quite easy but requires a lot of precision. First, the doctor sterilizes the place from where the hair is going to be removed, and to reduce pain while removing, they also put local anesthesia. Some people prefer to have anesthesia in the body to fall asleep during the surgery.

There are two types of transplants that a doctor chooses to do: FUT and FUE.


FUT stands for Follicular unit transplantation in which the doctor or surgeon removes a part of your scalp that has the hair and stitch the part from where it was removed. The scalp is cut in form of a strip which can be 6 to 10 inches long depending on the amount needed. They, then, divide the scalp into grafts to make them fit in the holes made through needles in the part where the transplant is needed through grafting, and then finally cover the part with a bandage.


FUE stands for Follicular unit extraction which is different from FUT, they shave the back part of the head. The doctor then takes out individual follicles from the skin of the scalp. These follicles are then grafted in the small holes made by the doctor in the area where the transplant is needed.

How To Get A Hair Transplant?

Hair transplant is a careful process that requires a lot of expertise and precision. Now you can get Hair transplants in Turkey at a good price. A hair transplant requires an experienced doctor, so you need to make sure that you hire the best doctor in the country.