Build Stamina With Hockey Training Aids

Build Stamina With Hockey Training Aids

If you have ever spent a couple of hours playing hockey you already know that it takes a lot of energy and stamina to keep up. The best way to gain stamina and keep that energy level that you need to be an effective player is to practice as much as you can. High-quality hockey training aids can help you to build that stamina, gain that strength that you need, and keep you in the best shape you can be in. You might be wondering which ones are best to build stamina with, so we have a few of the great ones that you might get a lot of good use out of.

The Hockey Balance Board

When you practice on a hockey balance board you immediately activate your core muscles. When you keep your core muscles activated for an extended amount of time you automatically increase your stamina. Your core is the center of your body that helps to keep you balanced when you walk, skate, ride a bike, or anything else. As continue to work on and strengthen your core, you strengthen your whole body. As your core gets stronger, your stamina rises and your energy levels begin to soar.

Hockey Shooting Tarp Exercises

Another for-sure way to gain stamina is by practicing your shooting skills in a way that is repetitive and keeps your muscles engaged for extended periods of time. Practicing shots on a hockey shooting tarp is a great way to not only sharpen your shooting skills but to build endurance and stamina as you practice. The best way to practice in a way that builds stamina is to get a stockpile of hockey pucks that are within your reach and start shooting them at the tarp one after the other in rapid succession. Pick one of the target holes to aim at that you need to improve your aim with and shoot at it over and over again until your pile of pucks is gone. Don’t’ stop or rest in between times, but if you need to you can pick a pace that works for you. As soon as you retrieve all of your pucks, put them back in a pile and start all over again.

Hockey Passer / Rebounder

You can also raise your stamina by practicing with a hockey passer/rebounder. When focus on gaining stamina and endurance by using a hockey passer it is helpful to keep in mind that you are training for endurance purposes and you need to keep moving. If you go slow or take rests then you will be taking away from your goal. In order to build stamina, you have to do things that make you push yourself. Using a rebounder for stamina building is very effective if you do it the  proper way.

As you practice with your passer you can vary the ways that you train, as long as whatever you do, you keep moving. For example, a good training method for the rebounder can be to shoot a pass to the rebounder, allow it to come back to you then slap right, left, right again then back to the rebounder. Get creative and keep your body moving as you do. While doing tis you are not only building your passing and receiving skills, you also beef up your stickhandling game, and build endurance. It is a totally win-win exercise.


Building stamina can be done in many ways. The best way to build your endurance is to do exercises that keep you moving. Playing hockey as much as you can is a fantastic way to build all of the skills that you need to become a champion. Whatever you do, keep it up and don’t stop because great things come from hard work and determination.

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