Expressing Yourself Through Nail Shapes And Nail Art

Nail Shapes And Nail Art

One way of expressing yourself is through nail art. Whether you’re stressed at the moment, or you’re feeling loved, or having your time alone, nail art keeps your creative juice flowing. It keeps you looking youthful and personable. It gives you the relaxation and satisfaction you need from an exhausting, long day. Another thing that will keep your nail look polished is a proper nail shape. Not only does it match perfectly with the art, but it also gives more personality to your hands as well.

Nail Shapes

Nail shapes are actually very small details of your nails and are almost unnoticeable – and that does the trick. Actually, nail shapes give the illusion of having a more defined shape to your fingers or hands, much like what you do when you apply makeup products on your face. Some nail shapes make your fingers look a bit contoured, some give a more feminine touch, and some will make your nails a fashion statement. There are several trendy nail shapes today: oval, square, stiletto-style, edge, almond, and many more. Nail enthusiasts also paired these shapes with certain colors; for example, they paired the strong yet sexy look given by an almond nail shape with nude colors.

Nail Art

Nail art does not only make your fingers look trendy, but it also brings you more self-confidence and a sense of self-esteem. Nail art comes with a diverse range of colors and styles that represents your mood, matches your look and reflects your personality. Nail arts can be fun and amazing as it lets you discover yourself more. It could be anything from a dark or ombre shade or maybe pinky fun styles. You can also use rainbow colors or draw flowers or that Kylie Jenner lip kit design. It all depends on your creativity. It could be pricey at times and time-consuming, but it’s a little price to pay compared to the joy it brings.


Nail art and nail shapes make you look trendy, attractive, and likable, while at the same time, represents your status quo. Nail art and nail shapes are also good ways to ensure healthy nails by reminding you to reduce the bad habits that you do to your nails. Becoming conscious of your nail look helps you avoid and prevent infections, and also to fight them with the aid of treatments such as the best EmoniNail treatment. Your nail look could also be your confidence boost and your relaxation from your long days.

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