Stepping Up Your Game With Property Styling

Selling your house is not an easy business to take, especially when there is high competition. But it can go smoothly if your property impresses potential customers. You know what they say, first impressions last, and getting them right can give you offers that exceed your expectations. If you fail to get the customers’ attention, then it may take a while for your house to be sold.

But there is always a way to increase the appeal of your house. One effective solution is property styling, which is also known as home staging. It involves different kinds of presentations and uses design techniques to boost the look of your house, making it more attractive for the buyers. Home stagers or property stylists do the work, and they are the ones who will look for the accessories and hire the furniture pieces for your house.

Property Styling Benefits

Is house styling that necessary? Yes, and these benefits will tell you why.

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Ready Setup

Nowadays, many property buyers are interested in well-furnished houses, and you have to consider that if you are planning to sell your abode. If you are not sure how to set up your house for the sale, then property styling works wonders. They can get your house ready complete with furniture and decors. That’s a more winning strategy than putting an empty house on the market.

Professional Arrangement

Since the property stylists or stagers are experts in their fields, you are assured that your home will be filled with suitable accessories, decors, and furniture pieces. They know where the proper placements, and they know how to maximize the available space in creating the vibe and look you want to achieve. Property stylists have experiences in making your house more attractive to buyers.

Aside from that, property stylists can set up your house based on your demographics or target market. For instance, you want a single lady, a couple, or a young family to own your property, then the stylist chooses items according to the preferences of your target customers.


As previously mentioned, real estate is a competitive industry, so you have to step up your game if you want to sell your house. With that said, home staging can make your house stand out from the others. It is even more necessary when your competitors have similar properties on sale. Who knows, with the style and vibes your house exudes, many potential buyers will come and offer you a jaw-dropping price.

Selling Price Booster

This is subjective, but many Australian real agents believe that property styling can increase the property’s selling price. Vendors opt to style their properties to show potential buyers how it is living in the home with chosen furnishings. If buyers feel that they can live in that house, they tend to shell out a little more money for the property.

Property Styling Drawbacks

Truth be told, the biggest disadvantage in property styling is the expensive price. You have to pay for the services of the stylist and the furniture rentals. You have set a budget for these expenses.

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Costs vary depending on your chosen stylist and how much makeover the house will undergo. To give you an idea of the cost, prices usually start at $1,500 to $3,000 for a basic property style. But some clients would actually splurge a sum of $20,000 for a complete styling service with luxury furnishings.

It is a big investment, and the only way to get back the money you spend is to receive higher selling prices. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee of achieving many offers right away.

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